Vitamin D

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The Vitamin D test is an easy-to-use test to check levels of Vitamin D in blood. Vitamin D is an important vitamin in the human body, where it is particularly important for your bones, your immune system and your feelings of happiness. Vitamin D levels vary between individuals. Vitamin D deficiency is considered a worldwide epidemic, in where around 80% of the people have insufficient levels of this vitamin. Therefore, it may be important to check your Vitamin D levels regularly. This test is manufactured by Alltest Biotech.

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About this test

This Vitamin D test has a CE-mark for self-use, comes with a color card for the read out of the results, and instructions in English and Dutch are included.

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Fatigue
  • Bone pain
  • Muscle weakness, muscle aches
  • Mood changes, like depression

How can you raise your vitamin D level?

There are three relatively easy ways to higher your vitamin D levels.

  1. Get outside and expose your skin to sunlight.
  2. Taking a vitamin D supplement.
  3. Eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as salmon, eggs, trout, sardines.

Product Support

Testing made easy, personalized & sustainable for you.

Testing in a sustainable manner, using biodegradable test casettes, disposable in a flush! The future of healthcare starts at home, with simple Lab-on-hand technology.

Easy & quick results

The process of ordering your self test is easy. After receiving the test it only takes 15 minutes to read out your results.

Certified tests

We work with many different manufacturers and only select the best quality rapid tests. This way we make sure you will only receive the most reliable results.

An extra digital hand

To make sure you receive the most out of our rapid tests, our app analyzes your test results on your phone and helps you explore your own journey within your health.


With the help of Okos diagnostics, we are trying to bring biodegradable test kits to the market. Environmentally friendly is always an option.

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