Male fertility (SP-10)

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We now offer a new Male fertility (SP-10) test which tests for the Acrosomal protein SP-10 in semen. SP-10, or sperm protein 10, is a protein that is primarily expressed in the testes of men. Abnormal expression of SP-10 has been associated with male infertility. The Male fertility (SP-10) kit contains all components required to test at home. It has an overall accuracy of 98.2%.

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About this test

Best Male fertility (SP-10) Test

Sperm concentrations are one of the primary factors used by doctors to diagnose male infertility. Abnormally low production of viable sperm cells accounts for close to 40% of total infertility which in turn affects 15% of couples at any one time while trying to conceive. Male fertility (SP-10) is a protein specific to male germ cells and cannot be found in other cells, making it a very specific marker for measuring sperm. The Male fertility (SP-10) test immunoassay is set to give a positive result when sperm concentrations exceed 15 million sperm per ml of ejaculate.

This Male fertility (SP-10) test is CE-marked for self-use, easy-to-use, and results are presented after 5 minutes.

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