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The HbA1c rapid test is a semi-quantitative test that measure the amount of blood sugar (glucose) attached to hemoglobin. An HbA1c test may be used to check for diabetes or prediabetes in adults. If you already have diabetes, the HbA1c test can help monitor you condition and glucose levels. If your HbA1c levels are high, it may be a sign of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can cause serious health problems, including heart disease, kidney disease, and nerve damage. This test is manufactured by Alltest Biotech. Kindly note this test should be performed by a healthcare provider.

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About this test

This diabetes test has a CE mark for professional use, gives a semi-quantitative value and has an accuracy of 99.1%. Note that it is important a healthcare provider performs the test.

Diabetes symptoms include: 

  • Urinate a lot, often at night
  • Very thirsty
  • Lose weight without trying
  • Very hungry
  • Blurry vision 
  • Very tired
  • Dry skin

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