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This is Measie

The moment COVID-19 hit us, it reformed the world. Then, and now, accessible, easy, and reliable testing is fundamentally important to control the virus. COVID antigen tests quickly made their way from Asia to the rest of the world. Inspired and intrigued by the technology of rapid tests, the ease of use and the decentralization of healthcare, an idea surfaced.

Now that the pandemic entered its endemic phase, we believe it's time to open the gate for rapid testing to other important health conditions and to branch out to sexual transmissible infections, vitamin testing and many more vital conditions. Measie aims to spread rapid tests across the world for anyone to test for health conditions yourself.


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"It's time for decentralized healthcare on a bigger scale."

Measie is the platform where consumers can buy their self-test for a variety of conditions. We work with different manufacturers and only select the best rapid tests. We encourage the decentralization of healthcare in which people are better informed about their own health without having to visit the hospital. We are pushing rapid testing to the maximum for simple yet dependable healthcare results by combining several ideas into one.

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Meet the team

The team of Measie has gained unique experience in the world of diagnostics with the company PrevViral. The moment COVID had spread, the demand for rapid tests skyrocketed. PrevViral imported these rapid tests, organized laboratory validation studies at the Erasmus MC and helped big companies like Picnic, Mollie and Feadship to stay open by setting up indoor test locations. was one of the first online platforms where businesses and consumers could buy their rapid antigen test for COVID-19.

“The name Measie combines the terms easy & measuring.”

Sander BrusFounder of Measie

Sander Brus

Sander finished his master entrepreneurship in health & life sciences at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Sander is fascinated by the decentralization of healthcare, genetics and prevention. When COVID entered Europe he immediately founded his first company PrevViral related to rapid test solutions. Meanwhile he founded another company Okos Diagnostics to develop smart sustainable solutions for the diagnostic world. His biggest passion is surfing waves at the south coast of France.

Business development

Fissia Liao

Fissia, 49, started her career at a Chinese bank, where she was responsible for international financing. Afterwards, she worked for almost 20 years for a Chinese international company for European business, as financing director. At the end of 2021 she started at PrevViral B.V, where she is responsible for the logistic and business developing between Europe and Asia.


Erik Hoving

Erik Hoving, 57, is father of 2 daughters and two sons. Being a engineer from study, Erik worked as an advisor, a CEO of a publicly listed company and lastly for 10 years as CTO of KPN. For the last 6 years Erik has been boardmember of Mytomorrows, where healthcare meets technology.


Eric Brabander

Eric Brabander, 55, married and father of 5 children. Eric is an experienced founder, entrepreneur with a background in operations, IT and healthcare. Eric’s passion is to create and build new companies with and run by young people who want to make an impact on the status quo.