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Testing made

easy digital affordable for you.

Measie puts you in control of your own health offering a variety of health-related self-tests. The future of diagnostics is shifting towards home.

Popular tests

Testing for a wide variety of health conditions.

The future of healthcare is digital and at-home

We are working on something great! Measie soon offers you a digital helping hand. Our ‘easy-Measie’ app helps interpreting the test result by the use of your smartphone camera.

Think responsible, act sustainable

The future of our world is our responsibility. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive spike of plastic waste. So why not use biodegradable self-tests, that don’t harm the environment?

Why choose for Measie self-tests?

Easy & quick results

The process of ordering your self-test is easy. After receiving the test it only takes 15 minutes to read out your results.

Certified tests

We work with many different manufacturers and only select the best quality rapid tests. This way we make sure you will only receive the most reliable results.

An extra digital hand

To make sure you receive the most out of our rapid tests, our app analyzes your test results on your phone and helps you explore your own journey within your health.


With the help of Okos diagnostics, we are trying to bring biodegradable test kits to the market. Environmentally friendly is always an option.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Our tests are backed by real science

M. Cohen

Feeling your best self

"By doing the Measie Vitamin D test, I found out that my Vitamin D levels were too low. After visiting my doctor, I now know how to improve my Vitamin D intake."

Real people with life-changing results

W. Davis

A personal journey

"The combo test experience was really special to me. This combo tests detects the most common respiratory illnesses at the same time. Measie is the first online webshop where I could buy this test for a very reasonable price!"


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Sexual health

Tumor markers